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Dedicated e-readers waste of money?

For discussion about electronic reading devices and related issues (pricing, formatting, accessories, comparisons, etc.)
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Post by Sharz » Sat December 7th, 2013, 10:34 pm

Dedicated e-reader a waste of money? Not to me. I'll read a bit here and there on a tablet, but to settle in and read for any length of time, a backlit screen gives me a horrible headache.

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Post by DanielAWillis » Sun December 8th, 2013, 4:04 pm

I don't feel the need to have access to the whole word at every minute of the day. I don't even use most of the features on my phone. I got a smartphone for only one reason: to be able to accept credit cards when I am at conferences and wifi is not always available. Other than that, I use it only as a phone (with some texting with my kids). So I feel no need to buy a tablet. It took me years, and the death of my old desktop, to finally break down and get a laptop. I'm just not a techno geek, I guess.

But I do like to read on my commute to/from work. The Kindle is perfect for me. I live in a very small space which is now already completely filled with books. Not room for one more. That was what prompted me to buy the Kindle to begin with. Now I love it, because I can carry around as many books as I want and it weighs no more nor takes up any more space. Also ebooks are usually cheaper than their paper counterparts.
Daniel A. Willis
Author: Chronicle of the Mages series

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