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Let the Nazi live or kill him?

A place to debate issues or to rant about what's on your mind. In addition to discussions about historical fiction, books, the publishing industry, and history, discussions about current political, social, and religious issues and other topics are allowed, so those who are easily offended by certain topics may want to avoid such threads. Members are expected to keep the discussions friendly and polite and to avoid personal attacks on other members. The moderators reserve the right to shut down a thread without warning if they believe it necessary.

Post by Helen_Davis » Mon November 5th, 2012, 8:42 pm

[quote=""Divia""]NO way would I want to spend a night in one of the concentration camps. A lot of negative energy there, obviously. I can only imagine the lost souls that are trapped and the energy that has seared a place in time.[/quote]

IMO anyone who participated in the Nazi crimes has no conscience. This would not bother them at all. :mad: Karma will take care of this man in the afterlife.


Post by Helen_Davis » Mon November 5th, 2012, 8:44 pm

[quote=""Margaret""]He should be made to take responsibility for his crimes, regardless of his age. There's no way he can atone by suffering the cruelties he was involved in perpetrating, but some type of atonement needs to be made in order to impress on him and on society at large that his actions cannot be tolerated in anything remotely close to a civilized society.

I'm opposed to the death penalty primarily because of its effect on the people who impose it; I would not want a job as an executioner, and I would imagine that the prison officials who have to carry out a death sentence find it the most unpleasant part of their jobs. No matter how terrible a person's crimes, an execution is still killing in cold blood.[/quote]

I have to disagree. He deserves the death penalty. He deserves to go through what the concentration camp victims went through-- and then some! :mad:

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Post by LoveHistory » Wed November 7th, 2012, 2:56 pm

Andromeda, you just contradicted yourself. If it's going to be taken care of in the afterlife, there is no need to make him suffer in this life.

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