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A great historical (nonfiction) audiobook

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Leonardo Noto
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A great historical (nonfiction) audiobook

Post by Leonardo Noto » Mon July 16th, 2012, 10:19 pm

A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson. I recently finished this audiobook and I found it to be highly informative and highly entertaining. The book is basically a history of science -- what we think we know and why we think we know it. Great read!


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Post by Ash » Tue July 17th, 2012, 12:33 am

Im a Bryson fan, I love his travel books, but this one came as a complete surprise. I was astonished by how actually serious he could be, and still be interesting. Very good book, one that sent me to the net a few times to find out more. I did hear later that he has some not so correct parts in there (can't remember now), but I assume you take him with the usual grain of salt you'd give any author writing such a broad themed book!

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Compulsive Reader
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Post by Amanda » Tue July 17th, 2012, 8:31 am

I listened to the audiobook of At Home. It was read by him, and I loved it! Lots of interesting asides, and he meanders all over the place, but so many times I just wanted to stop listening and have a think about what he had talked about!

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Post by sweetpotatoboy » Tue July 17th, 2012, 8:42 am

I loved A Short History... and recommend it to all sorts of people. Amazing book for people who thought they weren't interested in science. Yes, I'm sure he must have got loads of stuff wrong given that he isn't a scientist and covered so much ground and probably over-simplified and over-summarised, but taken as a whole it's a major achievement.

I've read part of At Home when I was staying with family and read their copy. Must read the whole thing some time.

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