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Brenna's 2012 Reading List

Keep track of what you read in 2012. One thread per member, please.
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Post by Brenna » Tue July 17th, 2012, 12:17 pm

[quote=""Misfit""]I missed your post about Poison. I was fairly underwhelmed with it as well. The narration drove me nuts, she was terribly chatty. I did giggle when she diagnosed and treated influenza though :D [/quote]

Huge disappointment to me because I have yet to read a Borgia book I actually enjoy. I won't be reading any of her others.

[quote=""rebecca""]#4 Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall 608pgs 2.5
I know everyone went crazy over this book and I suppose if I really thought about it, I could see why. For me, though, the writing style was more confusing than interesting.The whole, he said or he thought (who is he???). I especially had a hard time with Mantel's dipiction of Thomas More and her very sympathetic look at Wosley. Not that I think Wosley is the monster everyone makes him out to be, but I certainly couldn't buy into Mantel's description of More. I thought there was a lot of superfluous information and discussions that didn't really add to the story. I may or may not read Mante's continuation of the story. Depends.

I felt the same way. It could be that I am too simplistic but Wolf Hall simply does not flow well. When it comes to books I want to go on a journey and actually enjoy it. What I don't want is to stop and wonder in what direction am I going and then finally realise I'm totally lost :confused: :rolleyes: . That is what Wolf Hall was to me. But on the other hand I did enjoy 'Bring up the Bodies' and yes, the added 'he, Cromwell' makes a lot of difference. If Mantel keeps to that style then I will read the final book in her trilogy.

It's up to you Brenna, but I think you will enjoy BUTB more than WH.

Bec :) [/quote]

I've added BUTB to my TBR list so when it finally comes out in paperback I may give it a whirl. As I have another year before that happens, I have plenty of time to see what others think and decide whether to risk the purchase or just get it from the library. Thanks Bec!


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