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What qualifies as historical fantasy?

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What qualifies as historical fantasy?

Post by Psychoblue » Sat December 31st, 2011, 3:23 pm

As I've been drafting my story to become an e-book (also waiting on a cover to be drawn), I've been wondering how exactly I should classify my story as it fuses several different genres together. Here is the synopsis that I wrote for National Novel Writing Month:

Shun Miyamoto is the prodigal son of one of the Emperor's staunchest supporters on modernizing Japan as the Bakumatsu Era draws a close. As both a scholar and a warrior, the young man believes that the key to Japan's success is through cooperation with the Western world: a notion that made him a target for assassination. But instead of killing Shun, the assassin fell in love with him, abandoning her duty as a killer to become the honorary daughter-in-law of the Miyamoto house. But in order for the two of them to be wed, Shun must subjugate her former clan: the fearsome "Black Sun" whose ranks can only be described as superhuman. Not only that, but Shun must also contend with the infamous Oliver "Loverman" Lacey, a vicious gunslinging outlaw from America, who shares a common history with the young Miyamoto: both of them have the same kiss-shaped scar branded on their body...

There are plenty of fantasy elements abound, with the protagonist facing people who draw from both fantasy and science fiction, but there's also a heavy romance plot throughout involving the relationship between Shun and the female protagonist. Between all of this and some of the heavier action scenes (which become a focus thorughout the story), would my story still be historical fantasy or something else entirely?

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Post by SarahWoodbury » Sun January 1st, 2012, 5:38 am

I write historical fantasy and that sounds like what you've got there. You get two choices if you upload to Amazon so 'historical romance' could be another option.

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