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Pippa's £400,000 book deal

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Post by annis » Wed November 30th, 2011, 4:18 am

Posted by Ken
That would be two 'bum' deals then? I know which I prefer!
LOL! Trust Ken to pick that one up :)

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Post by wendy » Tue December 6th, 2011, 1:47 pm

[quote=""annis""]EC's quite right - this book deal is directly related to Pippa's celeb status as a party girl related to the royals by marriage. It's all about the craziness of the celeb cult- and people (for that read women), will flock to buy this book just for the sake of having it and maybe for the chance to fantasize a bit about having the glamorous, fun-filled lifestyle of a wealthy, pretty celeb themselves. Sad, really.

I get the impression that The Firm (Royalty Inc.) sees Pippa as a bit of a liability - while the rest of the Middletons behave with discretion, Pippa seems to attract the celebrity circus in ways probably considered undesirable. (Though the Royals might also feel they got a bum deal when they acquired reprobate ex-English rugby captain, Mike Tindall, as a nephew-in-law :) )[/quote]

I can't help feeling that Pippa is being set up for the "Tabloid Whammy." UK press has a habit of setting minor royals up, and then knocking them down. They seem to love the good girl - bad girl battle as in Elizabeth and Margaret / Diana and Fergie / now perhaps Kate and Pippa. Probably won't be long before we see pictures of Pippa sucking toes . . .
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