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Did Arthur and Katherine of Aragon have sex?

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Did Arthur and Katherine have sex during marriage?

The marriage was not consummated
The marriage was consummated
Total votes: 23

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Post by Margaret » Thu May 26th, 2011, 1:54 am

Very interesting. The popes did grant dispensations based on political considerations, though they usually tried to disguise it. I'm becoming more interested in Henry's state of mind. It sounds as though, when he married Katherine, he may have needed to believe she was a virgin for reasons that were as much personal and emotional as political, and that by the time he wanted an annulment, his need to believe she had not been a virgin also had personal, emotional roots.
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Post by Elizabeth » Thu May 26th, 2011, 2:21 am

[quote=""MLE""]Everybody argues as though the marriage annulment rested solely on the pope, forgetting that he was secondary. the FIRST impediment was not the pope, but Katherine. If she had agreed, the pope's would have granted Henry's request with great relief. And Charles V would have been relieved, too. Certainly he and Henry 'made nice' before Katherine was cold in her grave.

So the English Reformation essentially came down to one woman's stubborn refusal to say she was not a virgin when she married.

Of course I don't know any more than anyone else. But let's say you had a bizarre lottery where your life depended on you guessing right, and the judge was some being who really knew the truth: which way would you guess?

Given the entire corpus of the lady's works, if I had to stake my life on it, I'd guess that Katherine was telling the truth.[/quote]

You have an excellent point. If Katherine herself had been willing to "retire to a nunnery" and take the veil, I'm sure things could even have been arranged to protect Mary's rights (which was another of the things she was concerned about). But she herself said that she was not called to be a nun, she was called to be queen. (Can't put my finger on the exact quote, but that's a paraphrase.) So it was not only her stubborn refusal to say she was not a virgin, but her stubborn refusal to give up her position in the world. A will of iron, that lady. :)
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Post by SGM » Thu May 26th, 2011, 7:52 am

[quote=""Elizabeth""]A will of iron, that lady. :) [/quote]

Now, that I would agree with.
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Post by rebecca » Tue July 26th, 2011, 4:54 am

I am not an historian but from the books I have read which portray Katherine as very devout throughout her entire life I cannot believe this devout woman would endanger her soul by maintaining a lie even on her deathbed. Hell in those times was a very real place would Katherine choose to die knowing that she had sinned with the knowledge that this sin had not been absolved(I think that's the right word?)by a Priest? This is a woman who believed everything that the Church Teaches...Would she endanger her immortal soul by dying with a lie in her heart and on her lips to the end? Somehow I dont think so.

I think that Katherine was telling the truth about Arthur and Henry knew it!

Just my opinion.

Bec :)

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