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"Antony and Cleopatra" by Colleen McCollough

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The Czar
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Post by The Czar » Tue May 24th, 2011, 8:56 pm

[quote=""fljustice""]Thanks for the comments, everyone! Susan, I love McCullough's glossaries. You can learn so much from them. I know she wanted to avoid footnotes, so as not to interrupt the flow, but when I read the first couple of books, I was constantly flipping to the back to see what some word or phrase meant.[/quote]

I really wish authors would use footnotes instead of endnotes. It breaks the flow up much more to flip back to the appendix than to glance down. I am reading War and Peace right now, and I have to keep one bookmark in the appendix while I read.

McCullough's glossaries are awesome though.
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Post by fljustice » Wed May 25th, 2011, 3:08 pm

I'm looking forward to "enhanced" ebooks where you can hover over or highlight the word and the meaning pops up!
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Post by SCW » Fri October 12th, 2012, 10:19 am

Didn't like Colleen Mccullough's book at all. She made Antony and Cleopatra into a pair of boring old farts...(sorry for the vulgarity, but it's true). Prefered the earlier novels- especially the ones with Sulla

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Post by annis » Sun October 14th, 2012, 2:56 am

Posted by the Czar
I really wish authors would use footnotes instead of endnotes.
No, no, no! While footnotes are useful in nonfiction books they're a real killer in a novel, where you want the story to flow. You have the option of whether to check out a glossary or not (and usually the meaning of an unfamiliar word or phrase will be reasonably clear within its context anyway), but footnotes demand your immediate attention and just serve as a distraction when it comes to fiction.
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Post by Helen_Davis » Mon January 7th, 2013, 4:42 pm


Thanks for the review! I tried to read her work for inspiration for my alternate history novel about Cleo(still querying, wish me luck!) but didn't make it past the first 10 pages. I can relate to her admiration for Caesar-- I kind of fell in love with him as I wrote my WIP too and didn't want to kill him off in my second draft! But I came to appreciate Antony as well as I wrote. I have not read The October Horse, I'm ashamed to say-- I prefer Margaret George's novel about her, as well as When We Were Gods(I am blanking on the author's name.) I would also recommend a YA book about Cleopatra, the Royal Diaries series. It is rich in detail and a fascinating portrait of her as a girl.

I wish there were novels on the earlier Ptolemaic queens. There is one about Arsinoe II-- a novella really-- by Stephanie Dray. I liked it very much and wanted more.

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