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EMR's book list 2011

Keep track of your reading for 2011 here! One thread per member, please.
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Compulsive Reader
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Joined: January 2009
Location: Castilla

Post by emr » Fri December 2nd, 2011, 9:06 pm

November 2011

120. El puente de los asesinos by Pérez-Reverte, Arturo (4/5)
121. La flor del norte by Freire, Espido (5/5)
This book is about Cristina of Norway who came from Norway to Castilla and married the fifth son of the king. A woman without children who died very young. You could think there is not much to say about her or you could think that this is some romance to fill in 368 pages. Well, this is not a romance. There is maybe one romantic paragraph in the entire novel and that one is very very sweet. But the rest is about several generations of women fighting to survive and fighting mostly for the survival of their sons. Its about jelousy, about wheat, about brothers and pride and loneliness. Excellent novel.
122. The Rhetoric of Death by Rock, Judith (4/5)
123. The Ninth Circle (Tour of the Merrimack, #5) by Meluch, R.M. (4/5)
124. Dead Simple (Roy Grace Series #1) by James, Peter (4/5)
125. The Rossetti Letter by Phillips, Christi (4/5)
Usual novel with 2 stories going on, one contemporary and the other in 17th century Venice. I was hooked by both of them even though I had already read book 2 so I knew where the relationship was going but still liked it a lot. Wish CP wrote faster ;)
126. The Raphael Affair by Pears, Iain (4/5)
I like Argyll a lot, not so much her cause I never know what she's thinking. Nice mystery.
127. Netherwood by Sanderson, Jane (4/5)
128. The Affinity Bridge by Mann, George (2/5)
129. Looking Good Dead (Ds Roy Grace 2) by James, Peter (5/5)
130. Silver Lies (Silver Rush, #1) by Parker, Ann (4/5)
A western! :D Not the kind of book I usually read. Very predictable but still gets you hooked to the last page.
131. Las aguilas de Roma by Marini, Enrico (3/5)
A graphic novel yup. Top notch drawings, really bad dialogs.
132. Seeker (Alex Benedict, #3) by McDevitt, Jack (3/5)
"So many books, so little time."
— Frank Zappa

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Compulsive Reader
Posts: 840
Joined: January 2009
Location: Castilla

Post by emr » Sun January 1st, 2012, 11:37 am

December 2011

133. Heart of Steel (Iron Seas, #2) by Brook, Meljean (4/5)
134. Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Franklin, Tom (5/5)
I have this thing for loners, can't help it hehe. Loved the characters. Only a bit difficult sometimes to follow the dialect. (Book is set in Mississippi)
135. A Killing Frost by Wynn, Patricia (4/5)
These are not only mystery books. There is a real historical background here. And I enjoy the flirting between Gideon and Hester.
136. Fuzzy Nation by Scalzi, John (4/5)
The fuzzies were cute they get the 4 stars. The book felt like a Law and Order episode in space. Yawn.
137. The Eloquence of Blood by Rock, Judith (4/5)
I learnt in this book that in the 17th century in Paris Capuchins served as fire-fighters. Wonder if they invented driving at full speed (on donkeys?) ringing a handbell. Wooooot! :D
138. The Master of All Desires by Judith Merkle Riley (5/5)
Loved that grumpy Nostradamus. Her last book :( Oh well.
139. Iron Ties (Silver Rush, #2) by Parker, Ann (4/5)
140. People Who Walk In Darkness by Kaminsky, Stuart M. (3/5)
141. A Whisper to the Living by Kaminsky, Stuart M. (4/5)
Kaminsky has a sketchy way of portraying people and scenes, it doesnt mean they lack depth and Inspector Rostnikov keeps growing on you.
142. Every Secret Thing (Kate Murray, #1) by Kearsley, Susanna (4/5)
There are too many coincidences in this book. The South African pianist right there visiting the country after 60 years?. Uh.

And with this last book I've read 24 books more than in 2010, 10500 more pages. Funny because I dont think I have more free time than 1 year ago.
"So many books, so little time."
— Frank Zappa


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