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Hello Everyone

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Tim Woods
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Joined: March 2011

Hello Everyone

Post by Tim Woods » Fri March 25th, 2011, 3:07 pm

My American Civil War ebook was published last November: 'Grant Me Timely Grace,' set in Washington, D.C. just before Gettysburg.

I've tried to say something fresh about the Civil War by incorporating a non-racist, Southern Spy, Gerard Chantier, who frees his Black best friend, James Bayeaux, from boyhood and who becomes the spy's secretary.

Gerard's arrogance allows him to think he can straddle the contradictions, supporting the Confederacy and the Black Freedom movement. James knows better.

Gerard's daughter, Thérèse, is engaged to a British diplomat but she wants no part of her father's desire to use her as a pawn in building his cross-Atlantic Empire. I use this subplot to illustrate dramatically some of the under-appreciated international dimensions of our Civil War, which are not well known.

A disgraced Union officer, Russell Johns, is in way over his head mucking around Washington's political corridors, but is no less determined to get to the bottom of his father's abrupt and incomprehensible exit from his Congressional seat in the House of Representatives.

All of these characters are out-maneuvered by Gerard's most effective agent, the beautiful, yet lethal, Rachel Matson.

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Post by Ludmilla » Fri March 25th, 2011, 7:46 pm

Welcome to the board.

Since you are writing about the Civil War, what are some of your favorite Civil War novels?

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Post by SarahWoodbury » Sat March 26th, 2011, 3:15 am

Welcome to the forum! My son has been a HUGE Civil War buff. My great-grandfather fought at Cedar Creek (at age 15). Terrifying.

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Currently reading: The Farm at the Edge of the World by Sarah Vaughan
Interest in HF: The first historical novel I read was Katherine by Anya Seton and this sparked off my interest in this genre.
Favourite HF book: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell!
Preferred HF: Any
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Post by Vanessa » Sat March 26th, 2011, 9:50 am

Welcome, Tim! I hope you enjoy it here.
currently reading: My Books on Goodreads

Books are mirrors, you only see in them what you already have inside you ~ The Shadow of the Wind

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Post by fljustice » Sat March 26th, 2011, 3:41 pm

Welcome aboard, Tim. Looking forward to meeting you on the threads!
Faith L. Justice, Author Website

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Post by LoobyG » Sat March 26th, 2011, 3:44 pm

Hello and welcome Tim!

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MLE (Emily Cotton)
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Interest in HF: started in childhood with the classics, which, IMHO are HF even if they were contemporary when written.
Favourite HF book: Prince of Foxes, by Samuel Shellabarger
Preferred HF: Currently prefer 1600 and earlier, but I'll read anything that keeps me turning the page.
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Post by MLE (Emily Cotton) » Sat March 26th, 2011, 4:09 pm

Hi Tim. I don't have much of a sense of who you are, other than yet another writer plugging a book. But I'm only interested in what forum members like to read, not in what they wrote. Conversation between individuals is interesting, while being marketed at is not.

Tim Woods
Posts: 20
Joined: March 2011

what I like to read . . .

Post by Tim Woods » Sat March 26th, 2011, 4:26 pm

Dear MLE,

A thousand pardons for simply plugging my book. I'm new to this world and read the intro was the one place to plug one's book. Now that I've done so, I will desist and simply interact with fellow bloggers (is that what I am now?)

I read widely: history, literature of all sorts. Current titles on my bed stand: Elmore Leonard, Bruce Catton's 'A Terrible Swift Sword'; Jeanette Winterson's book of essays: 'Written on the Body'; 'Imperium', by Robert Harris'; 'The Complete Works of Alexander Pope.'

Yes, I do have ADD.

Tim Woods
Posts: 20
Joined: March 2011

thank you for the welcome

Post by Tim Woods » Sat March 26th, 2011, 4:33 pm

[quote=""Ludmilla""]Welcome to the board.

Since you are writing about the Civil War, what are some of your favorite Civil War novels?[/quote]

Favorite CW novels: 'Red Badge of Courage,' 'Gone With The Wind,' 'The March'

Truly, however, I mostly read non-fiction on the CW: Foote, McPherson, Catton, biographies of the leading characters; Mary Chestnut's Diary, and current CW blogs.

Tim Woods
Posts: 20
Joined: March 2011

Post by Tim Woods » Sat March 26th, 2011, 4:38 pm

[quote=""fljustice""]Welcome aboard, Tim. Looking forward to meeting you on the threads![/quote]

Thank you for the welcome.

I love your name.

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