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Scimitar - thrilling new historical mystery by Robin Raybould

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Scimitar - thrilling new historical mystery by Robin Raybould

Post by rraybould121 » Sat March 19th, 2011, 5:27 pm

The date is 1439 and Eduardo Ferrucci, a young Italian working in a bookshop in Florence, is unwittingly caught up in a conspiracy by agents of foreign powers. He Is banished to Constantinople and forced by the authorities to act as a spy. The Turkish forces have surrounded the city and are on the verge of invading Europe.
Scimitar describes the life and loves of Ferrucci in the dangerous world during the last days of the Eastern Roman Empire, his eventual betrayal to the Greeks, his part in the great sie... subsequent role as ambassador for the Turkish Sultan back in Florence and his final revenge on those who had betrayed him many years earlier.
But Ferrucci’s first love was always books and during his exile In Constantinople he makes time to search for the remains of a secret text part of which he had found in a Greek codex in Florence. Finally, after many years, he discovers and deciphers the whole text and is able to locate documents which have a decisive influence on the history of Renaissance culture.
Author Robin Raybould was born, raised and educated in England where he obtained MA and LLM degrees from the University of Cambridge. Specializing in the history of the European Renaissance, he has pursued his interest in the period by studying the underlying social and cultural trends of the period including the contemporary obsession with symbol and allegory. He has made a collection of early printed books which reflect this obsession and written "An Introduction to the Symbolic Literature of the Renaissance." Elements of his collection were recently on public exhibition in New York for which he wrote a 150 page catalogue entitled "Emblemata, the Symbolic Literature of the Renaissance." He continues to live and work in New York City.

Check out the official Scimitar website: http://www.scimitarthebook.com

And buy the book online for kindle or in print at amazon.com:


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Post by Misfit » Sat March 19th, 2011, 5:42 pm

I have moved your post to author announcements, which is a more appropriate place for your comment than historical mystery. Please note the board rules re: posting requirements here and I have quoted them below.
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From now on, authors or their representatives who post self-promotional material without having previously participated in the forum on an active basis will be banned as spammers. We regard active participation as having made at least 10 posts of a non-self-promotional nature. The exception is the "Introduce Yourself" area, where new members who are authors are welcome to mention their writing as part of their introduction.

Authors who do actively participate in the forum are asked to confine their self-promotional posts to the "Author Announcements" section. Authors are expected to use restraint as to how often they post promotional material in this section, and to bear in mind that authors whose ongoing contributions consist of chiefly self-promotional material will also be considered for deletion as spammers.

We do not want to discourage authors from joining this board; they provide a valuable perspective, and some of our most active participants are authors. We simply ask that authors treat this board as a place to discuss historical fiction and other books and not as an advertising platform.
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