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iPads Anyone?

For discussion about electronic reading devices and related issues (pricing, formatting, accessories, comparisons, etc.)
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Post by Ludmilla » Tue February 1st, 2011, 5:39 pm

I hate screen protectors, remain skeptical of their efficacy, and stubbornly refuse to use one with the iPad (I mainly use the iPad at home, so I don't really see the point). I can see where you'd need one with a cell phone which gets carted around everywhere and probably used/exposed more. If you were working with an iPad out in the field, I can also see where a screen protector would be needed.

I'm rather old fashioned about cell phone use. I still only carry a very basic phone and only use it for emergencies. I'm not much of a chit chatter, I'm afraid. I hate talking on cells. My daughter has become a skype/facetime addict, though. She loves to have video time with her best friend on the PC or iPod Touch (as for me, I have no desire to SEE the people I might have to chat with). God forbid the day when people at work start making me view them for conversations (and the day is coming!). For reading, I really like the size and portability of dedicated eReaders over multi-purpose devices. That's just personal preference, though, and how you want to use your devices. My husband, an engineer, is a huge advocate for devices that do one thing and one thing well over those that are multi-functional-- just means more could go wrong and probably much sooner. For this reason, our CD player is a single player (took awhile for us to find one that would live up to his standards).

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