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Poll: The Debate Forum

A place to debate issues or to rant about what's on your mind. In addition to discussions about historical fiction, books, the publishing industry, and history, discussions about current political, social, and religious issues and other topics are allowed, so those who are easily offended by certain topics may want to avoid such threads. Members are expected to keep the discussions friendly and polite and to avoid personal attacks on other members. The moderators reserve the right to shut down a thread without warning if they believe it necessary.

Should debates about current political, etc. issues be allowed in this forum?

Poll ended at Thu November 25th, 2010, 12:30 am

Do NOT allow debates concerning current religious, political, or social issues
DO allow debates concerning current religious, political, or social issues
Total votes: 27

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Post by Misfit » Fri November 26th, 2010, 6:56 pm

[quote=""boswellbaxter""]We have a winner! 17 to 10, you voted for the debate forum to allow debates on current political, religious, and social issues. Just keep it friendly and polite, folks, and focus on the issues being debated, not the people doing the debating. No personal attacks will be allowed, and the mods reserve the discretion to shut down a thread that's turning nasty.[/quote]

Thanks BB. BTW, don't forget that BB and I have to work and sleep. If you feel a thread is getting out of hand, feel free to flag it for us (look up in the top right hand of each comment). We get an immediate email that way.
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