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Henry Sieniekwicz

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Post by PetraVerne » Wed May 11th, 2011, 11:12 am

[quote=""Kveto from Prague""]I think the Poles themselves tend to consider "Knights" better as well. Ive always thought a lot of authors probably feel that their most well known works are not their best ones.

im enjoying "knights" but its tough to read off the computer.[/quote]

Let me add a little...Poles, specially students of the junior high schools are not fascinated by "The Teutonic Knights" because this book is their obligatory reading. ;) The same problem touches older students ;) - I mean "The Deluge"...but to be serious - I advice you "The Trilogy" (filmed) -
  1. 1. "With Fire and Sword ", 2. "The Deluge", 3. "Fire in the Steppe"
- THREE Masterpieces! - you could understand H. Sienkiewicz much more better...what is more - "Lighthouse Keeper " - to understand "Poles Soul", for teenagers - "In Desert and Wilderness". - Welcome to The Museum of H. Sienkiewicz - > http://www.mnki.pl/sienkiewicz_en/s,200,Whats_on.html.

But - I am impressed, since ages, by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski ( regarded as second H. Sienkiewicz) and his fiction and non fiction novels! He wrote only...232 volumes ( there are 88 historical among them).

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Post by Ludmilla » Thu November 10th, 2011, 2:21 pm

Looks like the first two of The Trilogy books are now in the public domain as of August of this year (Curtin translation). I just noticed them on Kindle and see that they are posted at Gutenberg as well. This makes me happy. I've been wanting to try them. (edited to note the third one is available too, it's just that the title varies)
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