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classics, year by year, 1978-1778

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Kveto from Prague
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classics, year by year, 1978-1778

Post by Kveto from Prague » Thu September 2nd, 2010, 7:28 pm

heres my list. i decided it would probably be better as a separate thread.

the rationale behind this list: I wanted to read the most important book from each year. from 1978-1778. I made this list. I never went through with it but it was a fun idea for awhile. ive read some of the books but not many. the idea was to take a year by year trip backward through literature.

the only criteria i used to decide what was the most significant book from each year is just my opinion. in most cases i limited it to one book per year but on a few occasions i couldnt decide. obviously everyones list would be different. this is just mine for your perusal if youre interested. i might have your favourite book on there, youd find it by year. and it might be interesting to our ongoing conversation as to exactly where the cutoff point for a "classic" is.

heres the list :( over 200 books)

Book list

1978 “blood tie” Mary Lee Settle
1977 “the thorn birds” Colleen McCollough
1976 “Roots” Alex Haley
1975 “dog Soliders” Robet Stone
1974 ”All the Presidents men” Woodward and Bernstein
1973 “breakfast of champions” Kurt Vonnegut
1972 “Winter trees” Sylvia Plath
1971 ”the winds of War” Herman Wouk
1970 “Last of the red hot lovers” Neil Simon
1969 “Slaughterhouse 5” Kurt Vonnegut
1968 “Airport” Arthur Hailey
1967 “The Confessions of Nat Turner” William Styron
1966 “In cold blood” Truman Capote
1965 “An American dream” Norman Mailer
1964 “A Moveable Feast” Ernest Hemmingway
1963 “the Spy who came in from the cold” John le Carr
1962 “ship of fools” Kathrine Anne Porter
1961 “catch-22” Joseph Heller/ “the agony and the ecstasy” Irving stone
1960 “to kill a mockingbird” Harper Lee
1959 “Goldfinger” Ian Fleming
1958 “dr Zhivago” Boris Pasternak
1957 “on the road” Jack Kerouac
1956 “Profiles in Courage” JF Kennedy
1955 “the Quiet American” Graham Greene/ “Lolita” Vladimir Nabakov
1954 “Lord of the Flies” William Golding
1953 “the crucible” Arthur Miller
1952 “East of Eden” john Steinbeck
1951 “the Caine Mutiny” Herman Wouk
1950 “the martian chronicles” Ray Bradbury
1949 “1984” George Orwell
1948 “cry, the beloved country” Alan Paton
1947 “the Diary of Anne frank” published
1946 “the Iceman Cometh” Eugene Oniell
1945 “Animal Farm” George Orwell
1944 “the glass menagerie” T. Williams
1943 “Dragons teeth” upton Sinclair
1942 “the Robe” Lloyd c Douglas
1941 “the last tycoon” F Scott Fitzgerald
1940 “for whom the bell tolls” E. Hemingway
1939 “the grapes of wrath” john Steinbeck
1938 “the unvanquished” William Faulkner
1937 “of mice and men” john Steinbeck
1936 “the diary of a country priest” Georges Bernanos
1935 “Tortilla flat” j. Steinbeck
1934 “tropic of cancer” henry miller/ “I Claudius” Robert Graves
1933 “the blood wedding” Federico Garcia Lorca
1932 “death in the Afternoon” E. Hemmingway
1931 “Students, Love, Tcheka, Death” Alja Rachmanova
1930 “the Maltese Falcon” dashill Hamitt
1929 “All quiet on the western front” Enrich maria Remarque
1928 “Orlando” Virginia Woolfe
1927 “Steppenwolf” Hermann Hesse
1926 “the sun also rises” E Hemmingway
1925 “the Great Gatsby” FS Fitzgerald
1924 “A passage to India” EM Forester
1923 “RUR” Karel Capek
1922 “Ulysses” James Joyce
1921 “women in love” DH Lawrence
1920 “a country doctor” Franz Kafka
1919 “corn huskers” Carl Sandberg
1918 “the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse” V Blasco-Ibanez
1917 “the Innocents” Sinclair Lewis
1916 “Greenmantle” John Buchan
1915 “Of Human Bondage” W. Somerset Maugham
1914 “Dubliners” J. Joyce
1913 “Death in Venice” Thomas Mann
1912 “Playboy of the Western World” John M Synge
1911 “Ethan Fromme” Edith Wharton
1910 “Winnetou” Karl May
1909 “Materialism and Empiric Criticism” V. Lenin
1908 “the Wind in the Willows” Kenneth Graham
1907 “the Secret Agent” Joseph Conrad
1906 “the Jungle” Upton Siclair
1905 “the Scarlet Pimpernel” Baroness Orczy
1904 “the Sea Wolf” Jack London
1903 “the call of the wild” Jack London
1902 “the 4 feathers” AEW Mason/ “the hound of the Baskervilles” A. c. Doyle
1901 “Dance of Death” Strindbergh
1900 “Uncle Vanya” A. Chekov
1899 “the Importance of Being Ernest” Oscar Wilde
1898 “the turn of the Screw” Henry James/ “the War of the Worlds” HG Wells
1897 “the Nigger of the Narcissis” J. Conrad
1896 “Aphrodite” Pierre Loyes
1895 “Quo Vadis” H. Sienkeiwicz
1894 “the Prisoner of Zenda” Anthony Hope/”the jungle book” Kipling
1893 “the woman of no importance” O. Wilde
1892 “Children of the Ghetto” Israel Zangwill
1891 “Tess of the D Urbervilles” Thomas Hardy
1890 “the Picture of Dorian Grey” O. Wilde
1889 “A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court” Mark Twain
1888 “La Terre” A. Zola
1887 “A Study in Scarlet” A conan Doyle
1886 “Dr Jeykell and Mr Hyde” R L Stevensen
1885 “King Solomons Mine” H Rider Haggard
1884 “Huck Finn” Mark Twain
1883 “Beyond Human Endurance” Bjornson
1882 “Die Frohliche Wissenschaft” Nietzsche
1881 “Portrait of a Lady” Henry James
1880 “the Brothers Kharamazov” Dostoevsky
1879 “Daisy Miller” Henry James
1878 “the Return of the Native” Thomas Hardy
1877 “L Assommor” Zola
1876 “Ein kampf um Rom” Felix Dahn
1875 “the Adventures of Tom Sawyer” Mark Twain
1874 “Far from the Madding Crown” Thomas Hardy
1873 “Anna Karinnia” A Tolstoi
1872 “Around the World in 80 days” Jules Verne
1871 “Through the Looking Glass” Lewis Carroll
1870 “20000 Leagues under the Sea” J. Verne
1869 “Lorna Doone” RD Blackmoore
1868 “little Women” LM Allcott
1867 “Das Kapital” Karl Marx
1866 “Crime and Punishment” Dostoevsky
1865 “Alices Adventures in Wonderland” Lewis Carroll
1864 “War and Peace” Tolstoi
1863 “tales of a Wayside Inn” H Longfellow
1862 “les Miserables” Victor Hugo
1861 “Silas Marner” George Eliot
1860 “the Woman in White” Wilkie Collins
1859 “On the Origin of the Species” Charles Darwin
1858 “the Autocrat of the Breakfast table” Oliver Wendell Holmes
1857 “the Virginians” Thackeray
1856 “Madam Bovary” Flaubert
1855 “Leaves of Grass” Walt Whitman
1854 “the Charge of the Light Brigade” Tennyson
1853 “the Scholar Gipsy” Matthew Arnold
1852 “Uncle toms Cabin” H. B Stowe
1851 “Moby Dick” H. Melville
1850 “the Scarlet letter” N. Hawthone
1849 “David Copperfield” Dickens
1848 “Communist Manifesto” K. Marx
1847 “Wuthering Heights” E. Bronte
1846 “La Cousinee Bette” Balzac
1845 “Carmen” Prosper Merimee
1844 “the Count of Monte Cristo” Dumas
1843 “”morte d Arthur” Tennyson
1842 “the Mask of Red Death” E Poe
1841 “the deerslayer” J F Cooper
1840 “Columba” P. Merimee
1839 “the fall of the house of Usher” Poe
1838 “Oliver Twist” Dickens
1837 “Twice told Tales” Hawthone
1836 “Pickwick papers” Dickens
1835 “Parceleus” Robert Browning
1834 “the Hunchback of Notre Dame” Hugo
1833 “Oultre-mer” Longfellow
1832 “Alhambra” Washington Irving
1831 “Notre Dame de Paris” Hugo
1830 “Richelieu” GPR James
1829 “Timbucktoo” Tennyson
1828 “3 Musketeers” A. Dumas
1827 “operette morale” Leopardi
1826 “last of the Mohecans” J F Cooper
1825 “the betrothed” Manzoni/ “boris Gudenov” Pushkin
1824 “Imaginary conversations” WS Landor
1823 “the pioneers” cooper
1822 “Evginy Oenigin” Pushkin
1821 “Confessions of an English Opium Eater” Thomas De Quincey
1820 “Ivanhoe” Scott
1819 “Mazeppa” Byron
1818 “Frankenstein” M Shelley
1817 “Lalla Rookh” T. Moore
1816 “Kubla Khan” Coleridge
1815 “Caius Gracchus” JS Knowles
1814 “the Corsair” Byron
1813 “Pride and Prejudice” Jane Austen
1812 “fairy tales” brothers grimm
1811 “Sense and Sensibility” J Austen
1810 “lady of the lake” Scott
1809 “Rip van Winkle” W. Irving
1808 “Faust” Goethe
1807 “Hours of Idelness” Byron
1806 “Mithrades, a history of language and dialects” J C Adelung
1805 “the lay of the last minstrel” Scott
1804 “Willhem Tell” Schiller
1803 “Thaddeus of Warsaw” Jane Porter
1802 “the rights of neutral nations in war” Daniel Webster
1801 “Atala” Chateaubriand
1800 “Castle Rackrent” Maria Edgeworth
1799 “Wallenstein” Schiller
1798 “the last letters of Jacopo ortis” Ugo Foscolo
1797 “the Italian” anne Radcliffe
1796 “Camilla” fanny burney
1795 “Poems” Southey
1794 “Songs of experience” William blake
1793 “the philosophy of the budouir” Marquis de Sade
1792 “rights of man” part 2 thomas paine
1791 “rights of man” Thomas paine
1790 “Tam O Shanter” Robert Burns
1789 “Torquato Tasso” Goethe
1788 “Egmont” Goethe
1787 “A defence of the constitution of the united states” John Adams
1786 “poems in the Scottish dialect” Robert burns
1785 “Metaphysic evidence” Kant
1784 “the Marriage of Figaro” Beaumarchasis
1783 “Jerusalem” Mendehlson
1782 “”poems” William cowper
1781 “Confessions” Rousseau
1780 “German literature” Fredrick the great
1779 “Oberon” Wieland
1778 “Irene” Voltare

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