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Literary Kitties

Post your pet pictures here!
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Vaughn Entwistle
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Literary Kitties

Post by Vaughn Entwistle » Thu July 22nd, 2010, 11:38 pm

I noticed a few people have given their pets historical or literary names.

You can see photos of our herd at:


Several of our kitties have literary names. Romeo (now sadly deceased) was a big male Pixie-Bob who totally suited his lover boy name.

Oberon is our Somali. He fits his "King of Shadows" moniker as he is super intelligent, playful, and often mischievous.

Kiska is the Russian word for pure and is the name of our Russian Blue. The Russian word for Diva (if there is one) would have been a better fit.

Zhivago is the name of our Siberian (another Russian breed.) With his super wide paws, ear tufts, and furry toes he is designed to pull very small sleds across the frozen tundra. (Requires a team of about 120 cats to accomplish this.)

Pixie is, well, her name isn't very original (named by my stepdaughter who was 13 at the time). Pixie is a kinda-sorta-wannabe Pixie Bob. We call her a tabby-bob.

The puppy photos are from a litter that we will be choosing a Brittany puppy from. Yes, four cats is not nearly enough livestock at our house, where pet hair is considered a condiment.

Vaughn :)

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Post by Misfit » Fri July 23rd, 2010, 12:01 am

where pet hair is considered a condiment
You too? Very sweet kitties, Russian blues are somewhat similar to Chartreux (I'm on my third now) but from your photos much *thinner* in face at least.
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Post by SonjaMarie » Fri July 23rd, 2010, 12:14 am

[quote=""Vaughn Entwistle""] he is designed to pull very small sleds across the frozen tundra. (Requires a team of about 120 cats to accomplish this.)

HAHAHA! You're being overly optimistic about that! It may need 120 of them, but getting them to do it is another thing entirely! :D

Very cute animals!

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Post by Madeleine » Fri July 23rd, 2010, 10:34 am

I want a pup! they're all gorgeous.
Currently reading "The Winter Garden" by Heidi Swain

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