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Looking for ad space -books various genres

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Looking for ad space -books various genres

Post by TerriPray » Thu September 4th, 2008, 4:22 pm

One of the not so fun things about running a small press is the constant search for new places to buy 'add' space. So, if you know of anywhere, or run a site, that migt be interested in selling banner space, or cover ad space, please let me know.

I'm obviously looking to match the books with the right type of sites, so wouldn't, for instance, look at placing an add for Forbidden Love (a collection of dark erotic romances) on a child friendly site, no more than I'd look at a science fiction site and try to place an add for the Alternative history napoleonic war novel that's due to be released.

So, the types of sites I'm looking for would cover the genres of ....

Alternative history/History (sometimes readership on these cross over, sometimes not)
Fantasy - think age range of 15 upward.
Science fiction - We do both novels, and games in this genre, including the David Weber/Honor Harrington games.
Dark Fantasy (We've some modern Grimm's type novels in the pipeline)

We also do an affliate program for those looking for other methods of earning money from their sites (personal or otherwise), for those interested in that side, please contact me and I'll send you the store link so you can take a look see.

Mods, if there's a problem with the post, please feel free to delete, as I'm not looking to be taken as spam, but seriously hoping there are one or two people who might be interested.

Terri Pray
Currently reading through submissions ranging from alternative history to science fiction and fantasy.

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