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Book Reviews by Members: Fiction Index R-Z

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Book Reviews by Members: Fiction Index R-Z

Post by diamondlil » Sun August 31st, 2008, 12:37 am

To help make it easier to find a particular review by a specific author we will maintain both a Fiction and Non Fiction Index of reviews.

This is the FICTION index for author's names that begin with the letters R-Z


Rash, Ron - Serena
Raybourn, Deanna - Silent in the Grave
Raybourn, Deanna - Silent in the Sanctuary
Reed, Paula - Hester
Reese, James - The Dracula Dossier
Renault, Mary - The Bull from the Sea
Riches, Anthony - Wounds of Honour
Riley, Stella - A Splendid Defiance
Roberts, Keith - The Boat of Fate
Robertson, Imogen - The Paris Winter
Robson, Jennifer - Somewhere in France
Robson, Lucia St. Clair - Shadow Patriots
Roesch, Joseph - Boudica: Queen of the Iceni
Rowland, Laura Joh - The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte
Rutherford, Edward - New York
Ryman, Rebecca - Olivia and Jai
Ryman, Rebecca - Shalimar
Ryman, Rebecca - The Veil of Illusion


Sankaran, Vanitha - Watermark
Sansom, C. J. - Sovereign
Sansom, C. J. - Dissolution
Savage, Alan - Eleanor of Aquitaine
Saylor, Steven - Empire: The Novel of Imperial Rome
Saylor, Steven - Roma: The Novel of Ancient Rome
Saylor, Steven - The Triumph of Caesar
Saylor, Steven - The Seven Wonders
Scott, Manda - Dreaming the Bull
Scott, Manda - Dreaming the Eagle
Scott, Manda - Dreaming the Hound
Scott, Manda - Dreaming the Serpent Spear
Scott, M. C. (Manda) - Rome: The Emperor's Spy
Scott, M. C. - Rome: The Art of War
Scott, Susan Holloway - The French Mistress
Seiffert, Rachel - The Dark Room
Selinko, Anne Marie - Desiree
Sellars, Brian - The Whispering Bell
Seton, Anya -Devil Water
Seton, Anya - Foxfire
Seton, Anya - Dragonwyck
Severin, Tim - Odinn's Child
Shaffer, Mary Ann - The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society
Sharp, Adrienne - The True Memoirs of Little K
Sharratt, Mary - Daughters of the Witching Hill
Shaw, Catherine - The Library Paradox
Shellabarger, Samuel - Prince of Foxes
Shields, Jody - The Crimson Portrait
Shiplett, June Lund - Journey to Yesterday
Shipway, George - Warrior in Bronze
Shors, John - Beside a Burning Sea
Shorto, Russell - The Island at the Center of the World
Simmons, Dan - The Terror
Simons, Paullina - The Bronze Horseman
Smith, Anne Easter -A Rose for the Crown
Smith, Anne Easter -Daughter of York
Smith, Anne Easter - The King's Grace
Speare, Elizabeth George - The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Speed, John - The Temple Dancer
Spellman, Cathy Cash - Paint the Wind
Stachniak, Eva - The Winter Palace
Stack, John - Ship of Rome
Stack, John - Captain of Rome
Stephen, Martin - The Conscience of the King (Shakespeare Conspiracy)
Stephen, Neal - Cryptonomicon
Stewart, Mary - The Crystal Cave, the Hollow Hills, the Last Enchantment
Stockwin, Julian - Quarterdeck
Storrs, Elizabeth - The Wedding Shroud
Sutcliffe, Rosemary - The Mark of the Horse Lord
Sutcliffe, Rosemary - The Eagle of the Ninth
Sutcliffe, Rosemary - The Lantern Bearers
Sutcliffe, Rosemary - Sword at Sunset
Sutcliffe, Rosemary - The Silver Branch
Swanston, Andrew - The King's Spy
Swee, Karen - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Murder
Swerling, Beverly - City of Dreams
Swerling, Beverly - City of Glory
Swerling, Beverly - Shadowbrook


Tannahill, Reay - Fatal Majesty
Tannahill, Reay - Having the Decorators In
Tannahill, Reay - The Seventh Son
Tannahill, Reay - The World, the Flesh and the Devil
Taylor, Andrew - The Scent of Death
Terrell, Heather - Brigid of Kildare
Tey, Josephine - Daughter of Time
Thackeray, W. M. - Barry Lyndon
Thane, Elswyth - Dawn's Early Light
Thane, Elswyth - Yankee Stranger
Thane, Elswyth - Riders of the Wind
Thorne, Nicola - The Enchantress Saga
Thorne, T. K. - Noah's Wife
Tomlinson, Theresa - A Swarming of Bees



Vangen-Ratcliffe, Sheri - Heir Apparent
Vantrease, Brenda Rickman - The Illuminator
Vidal, Elena Maria - The Night's Dark Shade
Vidal, Gore - The City and the Pillar
Vidal, Gore - Julian
Vincenzi, Penny - Forbidden Places


Waldren, Juliet - Mozart's Wife
Ware, Ciji - Island of the Swans
Waters, Paul - Cast not the Day
Waters, Paul - Of Merchants and Heroes
Watson, Jules - The Boar Stone
Watson, Jules -The Dawn Stag
Watson, Jules - The Swan Maiden
Watson, Jules - The White Mare
Waugh, Evelyn - Helena
Webb, Mary - Precious Bane
Wein, Elizabeth - Code Name Verity
Weir, Alison - Innocent Traitor
Weir, Alison - The Lady Elizabeth
Weir, Alison - The Captive Queen
Weir, Alison - The War of the Roses
Wells, H. G. - The Invisible Man
Welsh, Louise - Tamburlaine Must Die
Wensby-Scott, Carol - The Lion of Alnwick trilogy
White, Edmund - Fanny: A Fiction
Whitfield, Russell - Gladiatrix
Whyte, Jack - The Eagle
Wiat, Philippa - Cartismandua
Wilcock, Penelope - The Hardest Thing to Do
Wilhide, Elizabeth - Ashenden
Williamson, Penelope - Heart of the West
Willig, Lauren - The Deception of the Emerald Ring
Willig, Lauren - The Masque of the Black Tulip
Willig, Lauren - The Secret History of the Pink Carnation
Willig, Lauren - The Seduction of the Crimson Rose
Wilson, Sandra - Taj: The Woman and the Wonder
Wilton, Robert - The Emperor's Gold
Wilton, Robert - Traitor's Field
Winsor, Kathleen -Forever Amber
Winsor, Kathleen - Wanderers Eastward, Wanderers West
Wolfe, Gene - Latro in the Mist
Wolff, Isabel - A Vintage Affair
Woodrell, Daniel - Woe to Live On



Yolen, Jane - Briar Rose
Young, Michele Ann - The Lady Flees Her Lord
Young, Robyn - Brethren
Young, Robyn - Crusade
Young, Simon - Farewell Britannia


Zafon, Carlos Ruiz - Shadow of the Wind
Zimler, Richard - The Warsaw Anagrams
Zusak, Markus - The Book Thief
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