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Book Reviews by Members: Fiction Index M-Q

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Book Reviews by Members: Fiction Index M-Q

Post by diamondlil » Sun August 31st, 2008, 12:35 am

To help make it easier to find a particular review by a specific author we will maintain both a Fiction and Non Fiction Index of reviews.

This is the FICTIONindex for author's names that begin with the letters M-Q


Macdonald, Ann-Marie - The Way the Crow Flies
Mackin, Jeanne - The Frenchwoman
Macpherson, Catriona - Dandy Gilver and a Deadly Measure of Brimstone
Maitland, Karen - Company of Liars
Maitland, Karen - The Raven's Head
Mallon, Thomas - Henry and Clara
Mantel, Hilary - Wolf Hall
Marie, Cathy - The Day the Falls Stood Still
Matheson, Richard - Somewhere in Time
Maxwell, Robin - O, Juliet
Maxwell, Robin - Signora da Vinci
McCaig, Donald - Rhett Butler's People
McCullough, Colleen - The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet
McCullough, Colleen - Antony and Cleopatra
McNees, Kelly O'Connor - The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott
Medieval Murderers - King Arthur's Bones
Melikan, Rose - The Blackstone Key
Miles, Rosaline - I, Elizabeth
Miles, Rosalind -Isolde: Queen of the Western Isle
Miller, Madeline - The Song of Achilles
Mills, Elizabeth Shown - Isle of Canes
Mills, Mark - The Information Officer
Min, Anchee - Empress Orchid
Mitchell, Judith - The Last Day of the War
Mitchell, Margaret - Gone with the Wind
Mitchison, Naomi - Cloud Cuckoo Land
Moran, Johanna - The Wives of Henry Oades
Moran, Katy - Bloodline
Moran, Michelle - Cleopatra's Daughter
Moran, Michelle - The Heretic Queen
Moran, Michelle - Nefertiti
Moran, Michelle - Madame Tussaud
Morgan, Jude - The King's Touch
Morgan, Jude - The Taste of Sorrow
Morgan, Robin - The Burning Time
Morgan, Terence - The Master of Bruges
Morpugro, Michael - War Horse
Morrow, James - The Last Witchfinder
Motley, Annette - The Quickenberry Tree
Mountain, Fiona - Lady of the Butterflies
Moyes, Jojo - The Ship of Brides


Naughtie, James - The Madness of July
Nayland, Carla - Paths of Exile
Newman, Paul - Galahad
Newmark, Elle - The Book of Unholy Mischief
Newsome, J. M. - The Boy with Two Heads
Nicholson, Christopher - The Elephant Keeper
Nixon, Cornelia - Jarrettsville
Norman, Diana - A Catch of Consequence
Norman, Diana - The Sparks Fly Upwards
Norman, Diana - Taking Liberties
Norman, Diana - The Vizard Mask
Novik, Naomi - Temeraire


O'Brian, Patrick - Master and Commander
O'Brien, Anne - The Forbidden Queen
Oden, Scott - Men of Bronze
Oden, Scott - Lion of Cairo
Oliphant, Margaret - 19C Hester
Oliveira, Robin - My Name is Mary Sutter


Page, Bill - The Moon on the Hills
Page, Bill - The Sower of the Seeds of Dreams
Paisley, Janet - White Rose Rebel
Pargeter, Edith - The Heaven Tree Trilogy
Pargeter, Edith - Sunrise in the West
Pargeter, Edith - The Dragon at Noonday (Brothers of Gwynedd 2)
Pargeter, Edith - The Hounds of Sunset (Brothers of Gwynedd 3)
Pargeter, Edith - Afterglow and Nightfall
Passaris, Barbara - Through Tempest Forged
Paul, Charlotte -Seattle
Pears, Iain - An Instance of the Fingerpost
Pelaez, Jill Fletcher - The Day is a White Tablet
Penman, Sharon Kay - Time and Chance
Penman, Sharon Kay - When Christ and His Saints Slept
Penman, Sharon Kay - Devil's Brood
Perkins-Valdez, Dolan - Wench
Perry, Anne - Sheen on the Silk
Perry, Anne - The Cater Street Hangman
Perry, Anne - Callandar Square
Peters, Daniel - The Incas
Peters, Elizabeth - Crocodile on the Sandbank
Peters, Maureen - Joan of the Lilies
Pitkeathley, Jill - Cassandra and Jane
Plaidy, Jean - French Revolution Series
Plaidy, Jean - To Hold the Crown
Plaidy, Jean - The Italian Woman
Plaidy, Jean - Katharine of Aragon
Plaidy, Jean - Queen in Waiting
Plaidy, Jean - The Queen's Secret
Plaidy, Jean - Victoria Victorious
Plaidy, Jean - Madame du Barry
Platt, Donald Michael - Rocamora
Plowman, Stephanie - To Spare the Conquered
Potter, Jeremy - Trail of Blood
Pötzsch, Oliver - The Hangman's Daughter
Pötzsch, Oliver - The Dark Monk
Pötzsch, Oliver - The Poisoned Pilgrim
Pötzsch, Oliver - The Ludwig Conspiracy
Pötzsch, Oliver - The Beggar King
Purcell, Laura - God Save the King


Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur and du Maurier, Daphne - Castle Dor
Quinn, Anthony - Half of the Human Race
Quinn, Anthony - The Blood Dimmed Tide
Quinn, Gaellen - The Last Aloha
Quinn, Kate - Mistress of Rome
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