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Book Reviews by Members: Fiction Index G-I

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Book Reviews by Members: Fiction Index G-I

Post by diamondlil » Sun August 31st, 2008, 12:33 am

To help make it easier to find a particular review by a specific author we will maintain both a Fiction and Non Fiction Index of reviews.

This is the FICTION index for author's names that begin with the letters G-L


Gabaldon, Diana - Lord John and the Hand of Devils
Gabaldon, Diana - Outlander
Gaiman, Neil - The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Gale, Iain - Four Days in June
Galland, Nicole - The Fool's Tale
Gardner, Lauren - Plain Jane
Garner, Alan - Boneland
Garwood, Julie - Shadow Music
Gaskell, Elizabeth - Cranford
Gaskell, Elizabeth - North and South
Gedge, Pauline - The Twice Born
Gee, Sue - The Mysteries of Glass
Gellis, Roberta - Fires of Winter
Gellis, Roberta - The Kent Heiress
Gellis, Roberta - A Silver Mirror
Gellis, Roberta - Sing Witch, Sing Death
Gellis, Roberta - Roselynde Chronicles
Gemmell, David - Midnight Falcon
Gemmell, David - Troy, Lord of the Silver Bow
George, Margaret - Helen of Troy
Ghosh, Amitav - Sea Poppies
Gill, Laura - Young Lion (Orestes)
Gill, Laura - Outcast (Orestes)
Godberson, Anna - The Luxe
Godwin, Parke - A Memory of Lions
Goillou, Jan - The Road to Jerusalem
Golon, Sergeanne - Angelique
Goring, Rosemary - After Flodden
Goring, Rosemary - Dacre's War
Gortner, C. W. - The Last Queen
Gortner, C. W. - The Tudor Secret
Goudge, Elizabeth - The Child from the Sea
Goudge, Elizabeth - The White Witch
Gouillou, Jan - The Road to Jerusalem
Graham, Jo - Black Ships
Graziano, L M and Graziano, M S A - Cretaceous Dawn
Green, Hilary - Daughters of War
Greene, Amy - Bloodroot
Gregory, Philippa - The Boleyn Inheritance
Gregory, Philippa - The Red Queen
Gregory, Philippa - The Other Queen
Gregory, Philippa - The Lady of the Rivers
Gregory, Philippa - The Kingmaker's Daughter
Gregson, Julia - East of the Sun
Grenville, Kate - The Lieutenant
Grey, Juliet - Becoming Marie Antoinette
Griggs, TD - Distant Thunder
Grossman, Vasily - Life and Fate
Gruen, Sara - Water for Elephants
Gulland, Sandra - The Josephine B trilogy
Gulland, Sandra - Mistress of the Sun


Haeger, Diane - The Courtesan
Haeger, Diane - The Queen's Mistake
Halter, Marek - Lilah
Halter, Marek - Sarah
Halter, Marek - Zipporah
Harper, Karen - Mistress Shakespeare
Harper, Karen -The Queen's Governess
Harper, Tom - The Orpheus Descent
Harrod-Eagle, Cynthia - The Founding
Hanley, Catherine - The Sins of the Father
Harper, Karen - The Queen's Governess
Harris, Robert - Pompeii
Harris, Robert - Imperium
Harvel, Richard - The Bells
Haskell, Molly - Frankly, My Dear: 'Gone with the Wind' Revisited
Hawthorne, Nan - An Involuntary King
Hay, Ashley - The Railwayman's Wife
Healey, Judith Koll - The Lost Letters of Aquitaine
Herbert, Kathleen - Moon in Leo
Heyer, Georgette - Cotillion
Heyer, Georgette - Faro's Daughter
Heyer, Georgette - The Conqueror
Heyer, Georgette - Frederica
Heyer, Georgette - Lady of Quality
Heyer, Georgette - A Civil Contract
Hickman, Katie - The Aviary Gate
Higginbotham, Susan - Hugh and Bess
Higginbotham, Susan -The Stolen Crown
Higginbotham, Susan - The Traitor's Wife
Higgingbotham, Susan - The Queen of Last Hopes
Hislop, Victoria - The Sunrise
Hoffman, Alice - The Dovekeepers
Holland, Cecelia - Great Maria
Holland, Cecelia -City of God: A Novel of the Borgias
Holland, Cecelia -Rakossy
Holland, James - The Burning Blue
Holland, Kevin Crossley - Gatty's Tale
Hollick, Helen - The Kingmaking
Hollick, Helen - Shadow of the King
Hollick, Helen - Sea Witch
Hollick, Helen - Bring It Close
Hollick, Helen - Ripples in the Sand
Hollick, Helen - The Forever Queen/A Hollow Crown
Hollick, Helen - I Am the Chosen King/Harold the King
Holsinger, Bruce - A Burnable Book
Horan, Nancy - Loving Frank
Hornby, Nick - Fever Pitch
Howatch, Susan - Cashelmara
Howatch, Susan - Penmarric
Howatch, Susan - The Rich are Different
Howatch, Susan - The Wheel of Fortune
Howe, Katherine - The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane
Howker, Janni - Martin Farrell [YA]
Huffaker, Clare - The Cowboy and the Cossack
Humphreys, CC - A Place Called Armageddon
Hunt, Chris - Gaveston
Hunter, Seth - The Tide of War


Iggulden, Conn - Emperor Series
Iggulden, Conn - Bones of the Hills
Iggulden, Conn - Lords of the Bow
Iggulden, Conn - Wolf of the Plains
Iggulden, Conn - Khan: Empire of Silver
Iggulden, Conn - Stormbird
Iggulden, Conn - Trinity
Irwin, Margaret - Young Bess
Irwin, Margaret - Elizabeth, Captive Princess
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