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So what do you all think about the Octuplet Births?

A place to debate issues or to rant about what's on your mind. In addition to discussions about historical fiction, books, the publishing industry, and history, discussions about current political, social, and religious issues and other topics are allowed, so those who are easily offended by certain topics may want to avoid such threads. Members are expected to keep the discussions friendly and polite and to avoid personal attacks on other members. The moderators reserve the right to shut down a thread without warning if they believe it necessary.
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Post by LoveHistory » Sat February 14th, 2009, 9:26 pm

[quote=""Telynor""]On the octuplets -- they were all preemies, about two months early, and of very low birthweight. There are going to be problems galore with these poor children -- there can be developmental problems, lung, eye and heart problems, and heaven knows what else. I heard today on the telly that both of Nadya's parents, and the children's father begged the doctor not to implant these embryos, a warning sign that should have been heeded. The more I hear of this story, the more I cringe -- it's pretty clear that Nadya Suleman can't handle the older children, and the octuplets are going to be adding to the mayhem. In the end it's a sad, tragic case.[/quote]

I know what the problems can be. But that isn't necessarily going to be the case. I have a niece and nephew who were both born at that age, with very low birthweight, and only have a minor learning disability and asthma, respectively. There's a lot that science can do these days.

It still looks bleak, but death threats are way over the line.

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Post by Ash » Sat February 14th, 2009, 11:47 pm

[quote=""diamondlil""]Those pictures were amazing! Who knew that skin could stretch that far![/quote]

I couldn't believe she was smiling, esp as she had a back injury. Her back must have been killing her!

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Post by Misfit » Sun February 15th, 2009, 12:41 am

I saw those pictures this morning as well. Yikes!!

But Ash is right, as angered as we are about this woman and her choices, it's getting out of hand with the death threats.

As for the bankers (shall we start another debate soon??), I just about blew my cork when I saw a story on Wells Fargo and their big yearly bash continuing as always - this time with a long stay at the Wynn in Las Vegas (the most expensive of course). Apparently they are quite lavish. Now I tell you when my hours and bennies are getting cut so the company can make ends meet and keep as many employed as they can and you see this crap -- to the moon!

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