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Norah Lofts The King's Pleasure

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Norah Lofts The King's Pleasure

Post by Ash » Fri December 26th, 2008, 2:50 pm

I am surprised there is no thread of her work here. She is a British author who wrote from 1949 through the 70s. While she wrote mysteries and romance, the books that attracted me the most where her historic fictions. The one I most recently read was a re-release of the story of Katharine of Aragon, The King's Pleasure

I have long dispared of the Historic Fiction that has become popular of late. The sensational, the revisionism, the sexual details, have taken the place of the historic event that is as interesting and exciting in and of itself. I have been a fan of Lofts for a very long time, and was excited to see King's Pleasure re-released

We all know the story here. Usually Katherine is portrayed as a solemn, ultra religious, stubborn woman who stands in the way of Henry and Anne's true love. Balderdash. This is the story of a very complex woman, the great love she had with Henry, and why she continued to love him long after he abandoned her. The story is told simply, but with great detail to the time and place and the people. Its done without the trappings that other authors use to sell their books- there is no sensationalism, or revisionism here. This is HF at its best. Anne Boleyn is in the background here, Katherine is queen of this story.

I did find it interesting to learn just how close to civil war England came over this conflict; one word from her would have sparked it. She kept to her convictions; but it is an interesting 'what if': if she told Mary to go ahead, would the reformation have taken a back seat to the uprising, and what would have been the result?

I am giving four stars instead of five, because towards the end the story becomes repetitious and probably could have been combined in some way. Katharine was moved several times in her last years, to places that were worst than the one before. Many people helped or tried to help, and the populace loved her so much that there was almost an uprising. This is important to the story, but some times it did get to be a bit much. Still,at four stars she is far better than some popular HF authors, and joins the rank of Penman and Chadwick as the top writers in the genre, in my book.

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