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Searching for historical romance - don't remember the title

Can't remember the name of the book and/or the author? Ask here--maybe we can help!
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Searching for historical romance - don't remember the title

Post by jessandtess » Tue June 4th, 2019, 9:41 pm

I have been searching for a book I am hoping you can help me find. It is a historical romance, I believe based in Norman and/or Welsh time period. He was a tortured soul named Garrett because his father kidnapped his mother right before she was to join a convent. His mother had knees thick from praying is a line I remember from the book. Essentially, you learn early in the book that he hated the fact that his mother did not love his father and that they (him, his father and I believe a brother not sure) were a pestilence and his mother was doing penance. Garrett was a very big man who was also a warrior with black hair.

The heroine of the story (I believe her name was Charlotte but she might have had a nickname), was very small with silver long hair and she had her own sword and would fight. Garrett's father had her choked almost to death in order to marry her to his son by proxy. In the middle of the night, as she was sleeping, he first saw her with the mark around her neck from his father choking her and he stormed on his father, demanding to know why she had those marks around his neck and his father said don't think any of them marry a man willingly. Meanwhile, Garrett had fallen in love with her just be seeing her sleep.

I am unsure of the plot except to say Garrett was always in battle and spent his free time trying to woo Charlotte. Something happens where Garrett is held prisoner, and that's when she saves him and he states "I thought you had forsaken me" with wet eyes.

He also wrote a letter to her and ended it with a "slashing" G. This is about all I remember. He I believe was Norman and she I believe was Welsh. I got it from a neighbor that used to work for Waldenbooks in New Jersey who was told to throw out the books by ripping off the cover so I did not see the cover. I do know the back cover had an image on it of him and her but I don't think they were together on the cover, just individual images. I believe it was published anywhere from 1989 to 1993.

Any help I can get I truly appreciate it. So far, no one has been able to tell me which book it is. Please help. Not sure why but it's driving me crazy not knowing.

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