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New author members, please read before posting

Posted: Tue January 10th, 2017, 9:35 pm
by MLE (Emily Cotton)
We are grateful for the many fine authors who are participants on this board, and we welcome their contributions to the discussions here. Recently, however, we have noticed an increase in the number of authors who post here only to promote their own material. We regard this practice as spamming.

So many of these postings are one-offs--not people who want to join and discuss what they are reading or have read, but just want to advertise. Our policy is that authors or their representatives who post self-promotional material without having previously participated in the forum on an active basis will be banned as spammers.

SO: The policy as of 2017 is that new members must join the discussion with at least 20 postings about other people's historical fiction before the 'and by the way, I'm a writer' bit. And thereafter, keep a ten-to-one ratio: AT LEAST TEN posts about other books to ONE post about 'my book'.

Active participants (more than 100 posts) are also welcome to post their books in the thread here for inclusion in the list of books by forum members.

Authors who do actively participate in the forum are asked to confine their self-promotional posts to the "Author Announcements" section. Authors are expected to use restraint as to how often they post promotional material in this section, and to bear in mind that authors whose ongoing contributions consist of chiefly self-promotional material will also be considered for deletion as spammers.

We do not want to discourage authors from joining this board; they provide a valuable perspective, and some of our most valued participants are authors. We simply ask that authors treat this board as a place to discuss historical fiction and other books and not as an advertising platform.