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Storm Clouds Rolling In - Ginny Dye

Posted: Sun June 10th, 2012, 4:11 pm
by SandyJ

I just finished reading this, and am already into Book # 2 of The Bregdan Chronicles (On to Richmond), but I would really love to share this experience with other readers so would go back and re-read # 1 (though I don't think it will fade from my mind for a long time!

The Bregdan Chronicles start in VA during the year before the Civil War. If you think this time period has been overdone, you haven't read Ginny Dye's books! I learned. Laughed. Cried. Was challenged to think through my beliefs. Fell in love with the characters.

I've communicated with Ginny. She's going to write 2 books a year (each book covering one year of history) until she can't write anymore. She figures she'll live another 40 years, so no one will have to say good-bye to the series for a long time! :)

Who wants to join me on this amazing journey by starting with Book # 1? Did I mention Storm Clouds Rolling In is FREE? You can get your copy at