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Helen's Daughter -- Giveaway

Posted: Tue August 30th, 2011, 1:57 am
by lauragill
I am giving away two electronic copies of my ebook Helen's Daughter in exchange for reviews on the forums of your choice. I am trying to promote the book and boost sales.

Your reviews are your honest (but constructive) opinion; you are in no way obligated to say you liked the book (unless--I hope!--you truly did). You will not be attacked for giving honest constructive criticism, either in public or by private email. I am not the kind of author who argues with or belittles her readers. In addition, I would be grateful to learn about any typos you may find.

Before committing, you can read a sample at Smashwords and Amazon; I believe the Amazon Kindle sample is slightly longer.

You will receive a .pdf file which will be specially marked as a giveaway, to prevent filesharing. This is nothing personal, but something I do with all giveaways. I don't think anyone here would pirate a book, as it seems more prevalent with romance and erotic romance, but it is sometimes a problem.