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Question about Villain POV

Posted: Wed September 21st, 2016, 6:27 am
by CRT

First a little background: I'm toward the end of the third draft of an epic historical romance thriller set in 1732. It's an epic with one major protagonist who drives the main plot and seven who drive the subplots as well as add layers to the main. I have two major POV antagonists who drive the main plot's cause and effect (in part one), and two non POV antagonists who drive subplots in the later parts. For consistency's sake, should I give one or both of the non POVs a viewpoint? (These two are shrouded in mystery, thus no POV.) Or not have an antagonist POV at all?

What do you guys think?

(I could give those two a voice, but, man it would run up my already bloated word count. :lol: )