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Lynn's Reads

Posted: Mon November 10th, 2008, 3:56 pm
by MLS859
I don't read nearly as much as some of y'all do -- though I adore reading -- some of the non-fiction books I haven't finished completely -- sometimes I read them in bits and pieces -- but, if I've started them, I add them to the list!

The Death of Kings (non-fiction)
Royal Affairs (non-fiction)
To Hold the Crown
Royalty's Strangest Characters (non-fiction)
The Firemaster's Mistress
On Royalty (non-fiction)
Queen of Shadows
The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance
Richard II and the Revolution of 1399 (non-fiction)
Lady of the Roses
When Twilight Burns
Within the Fetterlock
Between the Bridge and the River
Through Tempest Forged
Kiss of the Highlander
Lord John and the Hand of the Devils
Daughter of York
The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square
Queen Isabella (non-fiction)
Hugh and Bess: A Love Story
The Traitor's Wife
The Bleeding Dusk