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Posted: Sun November 30th, 2008, 7:09 pm
by SonjaMarie
[quote=""Telynor""]Congratulations on reaching new heights on the reading! What did you think of those two books?[/quote]

Thanks! I enjoyed them both. The Anglomania book was given to me a couple of decades ago so it was reread for me, and I still found it interesting. I found the "Serpent and the Moon" a easy and interesting read.


Posted: Wed December 31st, 2008, 7:20 pm
by SonjaMarie
Here are the books I finished in Dec:
December 2008 8
"The Big Book of Bible Bloopers" by J. Stephen Lang (12/3)
"Doomed Queens: Royal Woman Who Met Bad Ends From Cleopatra to Princess Di" by Kris Waldherr (12/4)
"The Complete History of Jack the Ripper (1994)" 2nd ed by Philip Sugden (12/6)
"Blood Rites: Dresden Files #6" by Jim Butcher (12/16)
"Travels With A Medieval Queen: The Journey of A Sicilian Princess" by Mary Taylor Simeti (12/17)
"The Short and Bloody History of Knights, Spies, and Pirates" by John Farman (12/18)
"The Medici Conspiracy" by Peter Watson & Cecilia Todeschini (12/26)
"Ghosts Caught On Film: Photographs of the Paranormal" by Dr. Melwyn Willin (12/28)

Guess we need to start a thread for Books Read in 2009 now! :)