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Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen

Posted: Sat July 12th, 2014, 2:20 pm
by Susan
I grew up at the time when the musical of Peter Pan starring Mary Martin was shown periodically on television and I loved it. Fast forward to this past school when I, as a 7th grade language arts teacher, gave my students their last writing assignment of the year: retell a fairy tale from a different character's perspective. Most of the student's picked the bad guy and we all realized that readers hardly ever know what makes the bad guy in fairy tales tick. He's just the giant or the evil witch...or Captain Hook. Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen tells what happened in Neverland from Hook's point of view. This is not a children's book (R rated), but Lisa Jensen gives the reader Hook's back story (this is where the historical fiction part comes in) and we get a good understanding of him as a person, what he is dealing with in Neverland, and why he wants out...and even me, who used to clap to bring Tinker Bell back to life...empathize with him and would, if asked, clap my hands for Captain Hook.