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Help, can't remember title or author of books about scarred heroine who can't read

Posted: Sun February 17th, 2019, 10:33 am
by Naomi91
This is driving me insane, I read a book a couple of years ago which was part of a series; the heroine had appeared in an earlier book and I remember not liking her character much and wondering how the author was going to redeem her. In the book the hero is really smart and he teaches the heroine to read. There's a scene where they are reading pride and prejudice in bed together. If I'm remembering correctly she was a poor little girl who was taken in by a lady and when the lady died she married the husband (I can't remember how this came about just that she was young when it all happened) the husband abused her and she has scars all over her back, the hero sees them and gets angry. And that's pretty much all I can remember.