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Please help me remember the title: Historical Western Romance

Posted: Thu February 21st, 2013, 1:49 am
by minjue
I am trying to remember the title of a book I read years ago. It was set in the old west around the French and Indian War (I believe). A young woman was engaged to a man who was either a Captain, Marshall or some such officer. He sent for her to come to the Fort where he was so they could finally be married. On her way to the Fort her coach was attacked by Indians. One of the "Indians" kidnapped her because he feared what the other Indians would do to her if he did not claim her as his own. He is either a white man that was raised by Indians, or he is half Indian and half white, I can't remember. Anyways she tries to escape him multiple times. At some point she gets a bad sunburn and he tends to her during which time they begin developing feelings for each other. Meanwhile back at the Fort her fiance tries to locate her and presumes her dead. He is sad, but begins developing feelings for another woman at the fort.


At the end of the story she somehow makes it back to the fort but she has fallen in love with her captor and her fiance has fallen in love with the other woman. It also turns out that the captor is none other than his long lost brother.

That is all I can remember of the book. I read it in 2002, but I think it was a much older book as it belonged to my Aunt at the time. She doesn't remember the book though. Any help would be very much appreciated as I have tried for many years to track down this book.

Thanks for reading=)