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Jennifer Blake

Posted: Thu October 21st, 2010, 12:52 pm
by Misfit
Anyone familiar with her books? Myself and a couple of friends at Goodreads just read one of her older ones, Love's Wild Desire, and despite the lurid title and cover we found it quite good and the sex rather tame and understated. The writing and story line were well done and compelling and the heroine was most defintely not TSTL. From the author listing at Fantastic Fiction it looks like she wrote quote a few back in the *olden days* centered around New Orleans and the old south. I think I'm going to hunt a few down.

Anyone familiar with her newer books? Library has quite a selection of those, but not sure where to start.

Posted: Thu October 21st, 2010, 2:04 pm
by Ludmilla
I know I read some of hers when I went through a Romance phase in my teens, which would have been late 70s thru mid 80s, but I don't remember anything at all about them. Actually, I find with a lot of these older romances if the prose isn't too purple, the story not too confined to just "the relationship", and the author has made an effort to create something more than formulaic characters, they can be quite good page turners for the adventure and places they take you. It's a matter of trial and error in separating the wheat from the chaff though. Since you started with one of her early ones (I think) I would try them in publishing order. I find that the quality tends to decline over time with many of these authors who started writing romances in the 70s (or maybe I just got pickier after a few of them).

Posted: Thu October 21st, 2010, 2:07 pm
by Misfit
I agree, these older romances can be surprisingly good and I'm not afraid to let a lurid cover scare me away. The stuff that's selling for romances these days is IMHO mostly drivel.

I put a hold on two of her 1980's ones at the library and ordered one from PBS.