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Looking for book (Plantagenet) Joan of Kent and Prince Edward as duel couple in novel

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Looking for book (Plantagenet) Joan of Kent and Prince Edward as duel couple in novel

Post by Sanahtalha » Mon March 7th, 2022, 11:07 pm

Been looking for this book for years. The Black Prince
Edward and Joan of Kent are secondary/dual characters. The
main lead is knight who might be half Arabic and his dad is an English lord who he meets for the first time in this book.

He come to warn Edward the black prince of an attack from France he heard about while travelling. He is soon befriended
by him Edward.

He falls in love with a girl who is betrothed to
his brother i.e his fathers son. Who is not a nice person in the book he’s friends with Prince John and tries to assassinate Prince Edward at his request.

Prince Edward falls for Joan but due to the parents not
allowing it, makes his friend Holland marry her in name
only. They has a daughter in this marriage which is
actually Edwards. At some point in the book Holland in
jealousy rapes Joan.

Also the main lead kills his brother in a battle when his brother tried to kill Edward at the request of Prince John who is a negative character. and

He marries the girl his brother was betrothed to marries
I can't remember the two main characters names but the girl
might have been Isabel or Elizabeth.

Little bits I remember in the book is that king Edward is having an affair with one of the lady’s in the court who’s husband is a good friend of his and the friend ends up dying and he is guilt ridden.

Also there is a scene where Holland attacks Joan and the other lead girl and is stopped buy the lead man and killed

I’ve been looking big this book for years so I’d love to find it please

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