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Upstairs Downstairs

Posted: Thu May 17th, 2012, 2:20 am
by rebecca
Oh dear :rolleyes: where do I begin...First don't bother watching it, save your money. I watched the first disk lastnight and was bored to tears. It just doesn't work and it has nothing to do with the success of Downtown Abbey.

This new series simply does not compare with the old one. I am not a great fan of Keeley Hawes(SP?) and felt she was almost 'posing' in every scene. I just think it was bad casting, the guy who plays the butler often comes across as petulant, he is definately no Hudson. The actress who plays the cook is OK and I thought Claire Foy was the only one who did a good job, I couldn't stand her which is good because I don't think you supposed too.

It's a pity they didn't pick a better cast.

Bec :)