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1066 the TV film

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Post by EC2 » Tue May 19th, 2009, 2:20 pm

[quote=""Leo62""]Anyone watch the first episode?

Have to confess I was a bit disappointed. A bunch of six extras does not an epic battle make, however enthusiastic they are.

Could have done without the non-stop voiceover too.

The Vikings were cool tho. :D [/quote]

There were actually 100 extras - which shows how many you do need to pack it out. Perhaps more CGI was needed to bulk up the numbers yet more. I did a double take at the black and white rabbits and the 'wild men' swinging into camp on their ropes, bringing floozies with them. I also doubt that Harold Godwinson would have ridden up to the battle scene with Edit Swan Neck on the back of his horse clad in a Nightie.
The bit by the ford with the elderly bearded guy telling the Norse bloke to 'Pick up his dead animal and go' was Regia's founding father Kim Siddorn and that line was ad-libbed. The ships are Regia's own ships and the filming was done on Rutland Water.
From the discussion on the Regia e-group this morning, it looks as if Regia are exploring making their own film so they can get the details right (not 1066 but something else).
I will be interested to see what happens to Hastings tonight.
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