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Re: Calico Palace

Posted: Sat June 22nd, 2019, 11:08 pm
by peterinwa
I just finished Calico Palace for the 4th time. It was in my wife's grandmother's collection in the 70s when she moved in with us, and that's the first time I read it.

Since the review above gave away that Kendra's relationship with Ted doesn't last, I'll say that her fussing over it went on a bit too long for me. But that's the only flaw I can find!

What I really love about the author's writing is the friendships she develops between the characters. And I love that the characters mostly came to California for some story-worthy reason, like running from the law or a spouse. And both of these things are also true in Jubilee Trail, which I am reading now.

I got Jubilee Trail through my library's inter-library lending program. I'm about to order a third book by this author!