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Katie's reads for 2015

Posted: Thu February 12th, 2015, 2:05 am
by klang
Euphoria by Lily King
A love triangle in 1930’s involves 3 anthropologists and the tribe they are studying. Good writing and great characters make this definitely worth reading, though I found it a bit slow at times. The story is based loosely on Margaret Meade, her husband and another scientist. In it, the author digs deeply into attraction, passion for study, marriage, and greed. “Adventure and romance, danger and knowledge, desire and desolation.” The emotions of the characters run to a feverish pitch as the triangle plays out – the husband is attracted to the other man, other man is attracted to the wife, and wife to him, and they are all devoted to the study of the primitive village where everything happens. -- a volatile situation.

Ostland by David Thomas
Based on a true story and well written as both a thriller and memoir. Two time frames give depth to this novel which is based on fact. 1959 to 1963 Berlin is the setting for the important trial of a group of ex-SS officers facing war crimes charges. Contained in that framework is the story of one of the defendants, George Heuser, a homicide detective who becomes a mass murderer of Jews in Latvia during the war. His story, told memoir style in the first person, starts as a murder mystery as he helps catch a serial killer in Berlin in 1941. But when his assignment is changed he finds himself in the newly acquired Eastern provinces with orders to supervise mass executions. The novel explores the degree to which a man can change from good to evil in the name of advancement and survival.