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Victoria Holt

(including the other many pseudonyms of Eleanor Hibbert)
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Post by SCW » Thu November 4th, 2010, 9:58 am

Last week I came across my old collection of the 'Daughters of England' series by Philippa Carr. When I was in my early teens I used to love reading them.

However I gave up after finishing the fourth book. I found the main heroines to be overly passive, each book seemed to have the same person telling the story!

A large part of these stories involve the main characters relationship with a dominating sixteenth/seventeenth century alpha male. Re-reading these books I was struck at how unappealing the male leads were. For example the third book has the protagonist drugged and then sexually assaulted whilst she is unconscious. Her ravisher does not post pictures of her naked body on the internet or post a video on You Tube like his 21st century counterpart. Instead he proposes marriage because 'they had great sport together' and he believes she will conceive a son.

Another book has a man whose sole aim is to father as many sons on as many different women as he can!

What was enjoyable to read when 13 is somewhat different now

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