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Posted: Fri August 1st, 2014, 4:37 pm
by fljustice
28. Oscar Wilde by Frank Harris (trade pb, interesting bio from a contemporary of Wilde's)
29. Invisible Romans: Prostitutes, outlaws, slaves, gladiators, ordinary men and women that history forgot by Robert Knapp (HB, good research book)
30. Boudica: Iron Age Warrior Queen by Richard Hingley, Christina Unwin (trade pb, good research book)
31. A Model World and Other Stories by Michael Chabon (ebook, enjoyable collection of literary shorts)
32. Boudica: The British Revolt Against Rome Ad 60 by Graham Webster (trade pb, good research book, reread)
33. Boudica: A Groundbreaking Biography of the True Warrior Queen by Vanessa Collingridge (trade pb, good popular bio)
34. The Last Kingdom (The Warrior Chronicles/Saxon Stories #1) by Bernard Cornwell (ebook, solid adventure tale)

1. Sex Lives of the Roman Emperors by Nigel Cawthorne (HB, trash written for cash)
2. The Romances of George Sand by Anna Faktorovich (ARC, would have been better as non-fiction)


Posted: Tue September 2nd, 2014, 5:54 pm
by fljustice
35. The Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell (ebook, #2 of Saxon series)
36. Dying for Rome: Lucretia's Tale (Short Tales of Ancient Rome #1) by Elisabeth Storrs (ebook, short novella, liked it, but liked the author's note better.)
37. The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin (tradepaperback, one of the best I've read this year)
38. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (ebook, a classic)
39. Roman Sports and Spectacles: A Sourcebook by Anne Mahoney (tradepaperback, useful resource book)


Posted: Wed October 1st, 2014, 2:52 pm
by fljustice
40. The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut's Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt by Kara Cooney (ARC, good bio)
41. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (ebook, classic with abrupt ending)
42. Call the Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times (The Midwife Trilogy #1) by Jennifer Worth (ebook, charming memoir)
43. Call the Midwife: Shadows of the Workhouse (The Midwife Trilogy #2)
by Jennifer Worth (ebook, ditto)
44. Call the Midwife: Farewell to the East End (The Midwife Trilogy #3) by Jennifer Worth (ebook, ditto)
45. Vanessa and Her Sister: A Novel by Priya Parmar (ARC, beautifully written)


Posted: Sun November 2nd, 2014, 5:37 pm
by fljustice
46. Queen of the Conqueror: The Life of Matilda, Wife of William I by Tracy Borman (ebook, interesting bio)
47. Actium's Wake by Ralph Jackman (ARC)
48. The Origin by Irving Stone (PB, enjoyable read)
49. Strong Female Protagonist Book One by Brennan Lee Mulligan, Molly Ostertag (PB, fun collection of web comics)


Posted: Thu December 4th, 2014, 5:51 pm
by fljustice
50. A Royal Experiment: The Private Life of King George III by Janice Hadlow (ARC, interesting biography)
51. Shinju (Sano Ichiro #1) by Laura Joh Rowland (ebook, started slow, but delivered at the end)
52. To Hold the Crown (Tudor Saga #1) by Jean Plaidy (ebook, see the past appeal, but found the writing dated)
53. The Midwife of Venice (Midwife series #1) by Roberta Rich (ebook, rushed writing, implausible plot twists)

Made my goal of 52 books a year a month early!

Posted: Sun December 28th, 2014, 8:46 pm
by fljustice
54. The Remarkable Education of John Quincy Adams by Phyllis Lee Levin (ARC, NF, good addition to the Adams family canon)
55. Rodin's Lover: A Novel by Heather Webb (ARC, good story--more interesting than Vanessa's Sister)
56. Vader's Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown (hardcopy comic)

End of 2014 summary

Posted: Sat January 3rd, 2015, 6:52 pm
by fljustice
Being a numbers geek (my favorite graduate courses were statistics) I always look for patterns in my reading--just for fun. Doing a quick look at my 2014 book reads (not counting magazines, blogs, etc.). I finished 56 books and didn't finish 2. My reads broke down:

Historical Fiction: 25 (45%)
Other fiction: 8 (14%)
Non-fiction: 23 (41%); 6 (23% of NF) were research for current writing projects

12 (21%) of those 56 were ARC's. One of those ended on my best of 2014, but most were only OK. One of my DNF was also an ARC.

27 (48%) of my reads were ebooks, which shows a steady increase over the three years I've had an ereader.

I bought very few new paper books this year (3) and received 6 as gifts. I read 12 (21%) books from my Mt. TBR. So a net reduction of 3--count 'em!--3 books from my paper Mt. TBR. :rolleyes: I don't have the heart to check on my virtual Mt. TBR--just added three this week.